Six Small Changes For More Effective Weight Loss

Six Small Changes For More Effective Weight Loss

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Weight loss is not just about exercising and a healthy diet – here are some habits to avoid that keep those extra kilos on.

Emotional eating

Welcome to the bane of all women dealing with a modern lifestyle and trying to lose weight at the same time. While emotional eating in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, try to avoid eating sweets and other junk food. Make healthy comfort food available if you are feeling stressed.

Ditching meal times

Eating regularly is important for losing weight. A regular diet, coupled with consistent exercise, is essential. Heavy workloads, and the temptation to work late, might get in the way of your eating plan. Try to make time to relax and enjoy your meal and improve your weight loss plan.

Snacking in front of the TV

If you love snacking in front of the TV but are working at losing weight make sure that you decide on the portion that is best for you Рand stick to it. Without that, the distraction of what you are watching can result in over-eating and unhealthy snack choices.

Drinking tons of tea and coffee

Be careful to avoid eating by drinking a lot of tea or coffee. Not only will you sacrifice your nutrition, you will end up incorrectly using the nutrients you do get because your caffeine intake is higher than normal.

Pink drinks

A cocktail is the ultimate way to unwind after a stressful week – but it might be the spanner in the works when you are working at losing weight. Cocktails and other mixed drinks are generally very sugary – while wine, beer, and the like are high in calories. Choose less sugary or low-calorie options when you have your down time instead.