Caroline Wostmann Interview – The fairy tale of a runner

Caroline Wostmann Interview – The fairy tale of a runner

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Caroline Wostmann’s story reads like a fairy tale for every runner. What she achieved in the last months, is what lots of professional runners are dreaming of and most of them only achieve once in their lifetime. She won the 2015 editions of the Two Oceans Marathon and Comrades Marathon.

Caroline Wostmann – South Africa´s Superwoman 2015

Caroline Wostmann (32), a mother of two daughters, is a Senior Lecture at the University of Witwatersrand and lives in Pretoria. Caroline won the famous 56km Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in 2015 with a stunning time of 03:41:23. As Caroline just hoped for a top ten place, she also became the first South African woman in 14 years to win this ultra marathon. Just 8 weeks later, Caroline won the 87km Comrades Marathon in Pietermaritzburg with a time of 06:12:22.

Caroline holds many records with her two winnings this year. With this performance Wostmann became the fifth athlete in history, to win both of South Africa’s most famous ultra-marathons, the Comrades and the Two Oceans, in the same year. But there is even more history: winning the Comrades Marathon in 06:12:22, she has brought the title back home by being the first South African winner since Rae Bischoff in 1998.

CMIYC is happy to feature an interview, with the incredible Caroline Wostmann:

1. When did you discover running for yourself or did you have to ‘learn to love it’?

I discovered running in 2008, whilst trying to lose my pregnancy weight.  After a couple of hard months I learnt to love it.

2. What were your reasons to keep on running and take on marathons?

I wanted to stay fit and healthy, so I started running. And because I came to love running and the excitement of a challenge I took on marathons. Only in September 2014 I started with a coach, Lindsey Parry.

3. How do you manage your passion for running and your work & family life?

It takes lots of support from my husband and a very strict routine. For example, I get up early before the kids are awake around 4:30am to go run and be back by 6am. Before the kids have to go to school and then its off to work.
And just after work I head to the gym or do another run for an hour before fetching the kids from aftercare. Around 6pm its homework, dinner and prep everything for the next day so the morning is more relaxed and by 9pm I am in bed.

4. Which advice would you give ladies that want to start running?

It might seem horrible when you start but if you stick it out you will find that you love it and it will change your life.

5. How many km do you run in preparation for the next big race ?

When I am in peak training for a marathon I do around 120km to 160km per week.

6. The past years you have been on a medal chase, often we see you smile happily on the pictures of your accomplishments. Which emotions do you go through running a marathon?

Usually I just think of how blessed I am to be able to run and am so grateful for all I have received in life.

7. Who inspires you to achieve more titles in 2016?

My husband and his faith in me.

8. What does a normal recovery day look like for you?

On a recovery day I cycle and do gym instead of running.

9. What’s the first thing you’re going to do after a marathon?

Depends on how I feel at the end! Sit, walk, chat, get something to drink and eat.

10. What do you like about ‘Catch Me If You Can’?

I think its great to have initiatives that encourage women to get active and enjoy being fit and healthy in a fun and motivating environment.

Thank you Caroline, for taking the time to give our Catch Me If You Can Ladies an insight in your running career. Caroline Wostmann is living proof that a mother, wife and teacher, can achieve the extraordinary and become an outstanding role model for all women running.