Who knew that all you had to do was run 10km a week to stay healthy? You do not even have to run fast or very far. Check yourself into possibly the easiest cardiovascular rehabilitation program ever!

Young or beginner runners who want to invest in the future or mature runners who want to maintain good cardiovascular health need only five to ten minutes a day.

Studies show that runners are 45% less likely to have heart complications

A recent study showed that persistent runners tend to have a 30% lower risk of health complications in middle age and beyond. Cardiovascular complications and disease were shown to be 45% less likely in runners too. So all those hours sweating, and pushing yourself those extra kilometres, has proven to make you healthier and stronger in the long run.

This is great news for beginner runners who are intimidated by the idea of starting running. For the unfit or “sedentary” (as the study put it) running for 10 minutes a day at a slow and easy pace can kick-start the journey towards great health.

You do not even have to slog it out

Another study showed that running, even for only five to 10 minutes a day had better, more dramatic effects to cardiovascular functionality than longer periods of more intensive exercise. Additionally it has been shown that people who run for less than an hour a week gain almost the same health benefits as runners who exercise for 3 or more hours a week.

Spreading this information has been imperative around training and health circles worldwide. Runners have taken on the role of providing the related support and education so that those around them can share in the joys and health benefits of running. How are you going to get those around you into running shoes?