Hiking Trails in Cape Town

Hiking Trails in Cape Town

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One of the most amazing things about the Mother City is how often you can go hiking. Some of the most exciting and hiking trails in Cape Town are only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Whether you want to get an up close and personal with Cape Town’s fynbos, an aerial view of the city skyline, or a fresh view of the sea, there is a hiking trail in Cape Town for you.

Easy Hiking Trails in Cape Town

Elephant’s Eye

One of many of the wonderful hikes in the Silvermine Nature Reserve, the hike to Elephant’s Eye is easy to moderate. There are two routes, one easier than the other, that will take you to the cave. One the way up there are a number of lovely picnic spots, some close to the reservoir.  This walk is suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Cecelia Forest

The Cecelia Forest hike is very easy, but can be ramped up if you would prefer to run it. The forest is lush and a great way to avoid the heat and lose yourself in the beauty Mother Nature provides. There a number of streams to refill water bottles and provide an element of play for younger hikers.

Moderate Hiking Trails in Cape Town

Lion’s head

Reaching the Lion’s Head Peak is a favourite pastime of many Capetonians. From the monthly midnight hikes, to early morning treks, this moderate hike is full of excitement and a great work out. Fitter hikers will be up and down in no time, but those not as accustom to the exercise can enjoy themselves too. The hike has two ways of reaching the mountain peak. One way incorporates a series of chains and a bit of rock climbing, while the alternative route circles the side of the mountain without too much of a detour.

Woodstock Cave

Another medium effort hike, Woodstock Cave is an exciting alternative to the usual trail hike. There are two trails, one of which can be accessed from DeWaal drive, and the other from Rhodes Memorial. Explore the secrets of Table Mountain on this hike.

Difficult Hiking Trails in Cape Town

Devil’s Peak

Take the trail up the other side of Table Mountain for an exciting, slightly perilous hike. The Devil’s Peak trail is for the fit and experienced hikers only – but its view are unprecedentedly breath-taking.

Kalk Bay to Silvermine

The route from Kalk Bay to Silvermine is also not for the faint hearted. This trail starts off Boyes Drive and takes you along a trail riddled with over 100 caves to explore and much adventure to be had. This trail is not recommended for the unfit but offers great reward for those who give it a go.

While these are just a few of the hiking trails in Cape Town, it is clear that the variety in difficulty and fitness required is a big part of hiking in the Mother City. Try as many as you can and find your favourites!