How to choose a Sports Bra for Running?

How to choose a Sports Bra for Running?

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Every lady actively running knows how important the right sports bra is. To keep everything in check during a run, here some useful tips.

First of all, if you do any kind of sport activity, do yourself the favor of wearing a bra. Any physical impact shakes the body, all parts. Your breasts only have an underlying muscle, but mainly consist of tissue which you cannot train back into shape. Supporting your breast with a fitting sports bra can reduce the movement up to 75%. Knowing that you can control what’s going on in front of you, lets you run more freely and might even reduce occurring shoulder and back pains.

Tips for choosing the right Sports Bra

A sports bra has none of the conventional features of a regular bra. A sports bra is usually plain, without any applications, as these can cause skin irritations during intensive movement.
When choosing a sports bra for running, you must look for a tight fit, and smooth seaming. Some come with cups, but usually no wiring. There are different shapes you can choose from according to your size.
You can get quality sports bras for a fair price. Definitely try them on, before you decide. Ultimately, you have to give it a test run, to truly find out. So the good news is, you are even better off buying two different ones. Make sure you try them during shorter runs before entering a marathon with a new sports bra. If it’s not the right one, you can suffer from skin irritation and chafing.

Comfort is key. You want a sports bra with wide straps and soft but stable seaming underlying your breast for support. When choosing a sports bra for running, the rule goes functionality over look. Sport apparel is made of dry, moisture absorbing textiles that should feel soft on your skin. Because of their purpose, they are made to endure and maintenance is easy.

Since running is a great sport for all women, you will definitely find the right sports bra for your runs.