What to Wear for a Marathon?

What to Wear for a Marathon?

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Every marathon is a serious challenge for any runner, pushing you through 42.2 km of mountain, heat or urban scenery. The Two Oceans Marathon can also confront you with extreme conditions, like weather changes along route or just the constant Cape Tonian wind. Therefore, you have to be considerate of the running clothing you choose, as it is your only comfort in your challenge.

These tips will help you avoid some unpleasant mistakes from the start. Not only when you enter a marathon, but every distance has an impact on your body.

5 Things to Know Before Running a Marathon

  1. Your underwear must be your best support when running distances. A sports bra does not have to cost a fortune, by experience you can get quality for the average price of a normal bra. But quality is key. If you go too cheap, the seams might not that well done or the straps wear out will you sweating. Make sure you fit the bra before you buy it. Professional shops can assist you with that. The right sports bra can reduce the motion of your breasts by up to 75%.
  2.  Breathable running clothes are mandatory for distance runs. By picking sports materials, you are benefiting, as they let air through to cool your body. Even your socks need to be chosen wisely. Running socks absorb moisture and are made to last through and enduring run.
  3.  The right pair of running shoes. Depending on your needs as a runner and your personal taste, there are various brands that offer a broad range of running shoes. You are best advised to go into a shop of your choice and take the offer of a consultation. The staff is usually trained to measure your feet and help you choose between additional different benefits. You must make sure you run in them before a greater event like a marathon. Give them a couple of easy distances to prevent blisters.
  4.  Lubricant for athletes, has become a common tool. Especially your skin endures a lot of stress during running. Whilst you are running, your clothes are in motion, combining fractions with heat and sweat and can cause severe skin irritation. Sport lubricants are usually oil free gels, which protect the sensitivity of your skin and minimize chafing.
  5. Besides the right marathon clothes, sun protection is essential for a marathon. The great outdoors can surprise with any weather, when you start your race all the way to the finish line. You are best prepared with a base cap and light sunscreen spray. For your face you can get a sunscreen sports stick, which is perfect to prevent sunscreen dripping on your forehead while running and sweating.