I don’t believe in balance; I believe in priorities!

I don’t believe in balance; I believe in priorities!

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CMIYC invited female runner Amelia Beattie to answer a few questions. As a beginner, Amelia joined her local CMIYC group in 2017. Since then she continues to give back to the community by hosting the charitable Women For Change Run at Sandton City and the Superwomen Fun Run at Eastgate Shopping Centre. CMIYC is also proud to have won Amelia as an Ambassador for Change for our annual Women For Change campaign against gender-based violence.

Besides being a superwomen herself, Amelia Beattie is the wife of an active sports lover, mom of 3 girls, loves running and is passionate about making a difference to the retail shopping centre industry in South Africa. As CEO of Liberty2Degrees she is a Leader that inspires women to never, ever, ever give up.

What were your aspirations growing up?

I grew up on a farm and aspired to be like my Dad which was smart and kind, and tough with a tender heart. He always had big dreams and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

How did you achieve such an important role as the female CEO of Liberty Two Degrees?

I have been in the property industry for over 20 years and involved in many areas of the industry. My role as Chief Executive of Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) is inspired by wanting to make a difference in the communities where we operate, build a business that delivers sustainability over the long term and create experiential spaces that will benefit generations to come. Hard work, resilience and never giving up has been key components of my working life.

Can you share 3 magic moments in your life that have stuck with you?
    1. The day I met my husband.
    2. The first moment I got to hold each of my 3 daughters.
    3. The first time I finished a 3 day stage race trailrun – SOX in Wilderness.
How did you find out about CMIYC and what made you join the community?

CMIYC in Birdhaven ran from Voodoo Lily Café that was owned by my husband. I always saw the girls running from there, had a chat with Melanie Sher (CMIYC Leader) that made me believe I could also do it and decided on 28 August 2017 that I would join them. The CMIYC communities of Birdhaven, Sandton and Houghton have become very dear friends and inspire me every day.

How do you balance being a business woman, mother, wife and a runner?

I don’t believe in balance; I believe in priorities. Each person needs to work out what their own priorities are. Being a wife is my first priority, our daughters are a very important part of our lives, I run for my own joy and I do love the work that I do.

We appreciate the support you have shown us by providing platforms for our CMIYC events. This has given CMIYC a greater exposure to help more women. Why have you chosen to support a small business like CMIYC?

The values of L2D is Passion, Accountability, Care and Excellence which spells PACE – we believe in always moving forward, love what you do and that health is wealth. So CMIYC aligns with our values and therefore we love being associated with the brand! And I love it too!

Our first Women For Change Run in December 2018 in Sandton City was our kick off in Johannesburg and our contribution to drive awareness for Gender Based Violence. In your speech at the event you have mentioned that Sandton City is for the community. What motivates you to open the doors of such a prestige Shopping Mall to this cause?

The purpose of L2D is to continue to create spaces to benefit generations – it inspires us to get up every day and do what we do. One of our strategic building blocks is “Community Place-making” where we want people to come to our malls because the love being there, and not just because they need to shop. It is in that spirit that we want people to believe that these malls belong to them. That loyalty that we are building are what makes people coming back to use our malls. What better way than to associate your love for running with your love for Sandton?

What would be your advice to women wanting to succeed in the South African economy, be it as an employee or an entrepreneur?

This was my address that I wrote and delivered on 1 November 2018 at the conversion of Liberty Two Degrees to a Corporate REIT at the JSE – these principles are advice to applies to anyone, specifically women that want to succeed in business and life:

Gratitude is the most important ingredient of business success;
Care for people in a way that they grow; it pays back in exponential ways;
Don’t waste time and energy on those critical of your journey – hear it, use it, adjust if you have to and move on;
Surround yourself with people better, smarter and more efficient than you – and let them do what they are great at;
Spend more time on thinking what you want, than just jumping in – and communicate it clearly and early on;
Connect with those on the same journey as you;
Find the one person that believes in you and make you believe in yourself;
Manage your stakeholders, without fail and with great care – it is the most valuable skill to have;
Do small things to create wonder for those that look at you for inspiration;
A Lindt chocolate ball just about solves any problem; and last but never the least,
Never, ever, ever give up!