Let us unite for TEARS Foundation

Let us unite for TEARS Foundation

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As CMIYC we are very happy to have kicked off our Women For Change Run in Johannesburg and Cape Town. To have experienced the support of our official Women For Change in Sandton City, December 2018, was just so overwhelming. Our journey has just begun. Driving awareness around issues affecting women daily, is a process and not a once off thing. The entire CMIYC community is looking forward to hosting the Women For Change Run as an annual event during 16 Days Of Activism.

We have chosen Tears Foundation to be our Women For Change beneficiary, and donate to their cause through our Women For Change merchandise.

Tears Foundation – Bringing Hope and Healing

Tears Foundation an incredible organization helping women and children that have fallen victim to domestic violence and sexual abuse. For seven years, Tears has been assisting with crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. They offer 24/7 help nationwide and continue to assist around 40 000 women per year.

Tears Foundation faces great difficulty to remain open and continually assist these women. Their main sponsoring has been on hold since the international company suddenly started restructuring. Unexpectedly, funds have not been made available and Tears is on the brink of shutting down due to under funding. CMIYC is a small business and our efforts are not yet big enough to make a meaningful impact during this time of crisis. However, we still believe in the power of unity and in women being very resourceful.

Women, please unite and spread the word to come together for our sisters. Let us turn the tables and keep Tears Foundation alive to assist women and children in need.

In South Africa, someone is raped or sexually abused every 17 seconds. Only 1 in 20 rape cases are being reported, it is thus of utmost importance to strengthen those who are willing to better the situation for all.


Can you think of a company that can contribute? Then please recommend TEARS Foundation.

Corporates are invited to join the cause and commit their CSI projects this year towards a professional organization like Tears Foundation. The Foundation is committed to the highest levels of compliance with a 100% B-BBEE SED Recognition and a Black Beneficiary base of  75%.  Any funding granted to TEARS falls under Socio-Economic Development and the full contribution will be recognised.

For more information visit:  www.tears.co.za
or email directly to Mara Glennie: mara@tears.co.za