Quinoa had a reputation boost when announced as ‘Plant of the year 2013’ by the UN due to its great beneficiary features. Quinoa has been known to mankind for thousands of years and has served as a unique nutrition source.

Quinoa – a health wonder easy to prep

The plant originates in South America, and can be used in its entirety. The most popular are the Quinoa seeds which contain amino acids, proteins, magnesium and fibers. For many Quinoa is a saturating side and a great replacement for rice. It is easy to cook, just needs a quick rinse to avoid any bitterness that can come from the outer layer. Use 1 cup Quinoa with 2 cups of water to boil, flavor it with some salt or stock as desired. The Quinoa seed is available in different colors: red, white and black.

Lose Weight with Quinoa

The demand for Quinoa has brought out more than just the whole grain version of the seed. For your daily diet, there are Quinoa corn flakes, Quinoa puffed or flakes which you can use for muesli like oats. As the perfect low calorie replacement for your starch or wheat products, it combines more benefits than regular grains. Additionally, it has a filling effect due to its high fiber content, it establishes a pleasant satiety when eaten with moderate portions. Quinoa is gluten free and a good choice for diabetics as it maintains a steady blood sugar level and has a low glycemic index.

Quinoa combines everything you require for a healthy diet and keeps you filled and going. Use the seeds in their varieties to create simple dishes with high nutritional value. Enjoy your diet and weight loss while not going through hunger by including quinoa in your dishes.