A massage for runners is not only spoiling, but improving your overall health. Recovery after a race can be achieved easier with a professional massage for runners. Light massages for prior to a workout to loosen up the muscle, and deep tissue massage for runners can enhance healing. Either way, there have been many studies about massages and their effect on runners. Here are some benefits of massage for runners.

Get a Massage for Runners – an overall relaxing experience

Scientific studies have shown, that a massage enhances the physical reaction in many positive ways.

The benefits of massage for runners are even more impressive. The muscle and overall relaxing experience are caused through enhanced blood flow, reduced inflammation, regulating of hormones by decreasing stress, and increasing stress relief hormones. Stiff and aching muscles loosen up during a professional massage. Often a deep tissue treatment, even if painful, leaves the runners in an overall more relaxed state. The range of motion is restored quickly. So the sore legs that kick in 2 days after a major race can be relieved.

Massage for Runners improves healing

Professional therapists know that tissue connectivity can be repaired through a massage for runners.

Calves suffer a lot of strain during a hard workout or marathon. Micro injuries in the muscle are stimulated through massage, blood flow is enhanced and the body is increasing its own self-regulating mechanisms by receiving more oxygen.

Since running is not a once off sport, massages for runners are not a once off remedy. Professional massage for runners are set up with a trained therapist and scheduled for a continuum to support the body throughout the sport, in prevention, preparation and recovery. So there is always a good reason to enjoy a relaxing massage for runners.