Lemon water has revived in weight loss, but has never really been off the table. You can definitely lose weight by drinking lemon water, hot or cold.

Lemon Water for weight loss is one of the oldest tricks. But the true value is in changing the habit of drinking fluids in general. Sugar in coffee and tea, high calorie sodas and alcohol will still have to be replaced. On average you should consume 2 liters of water daily. Dropping slices of lemon in your table water adds taste and Vitamin C.

Lemon Water – Hot or Cold?

The water can be cold or hot, because both will enhance the activities of the digestion. While the body has to burn more energy to bring the cold water up to body temperature, the hot water loosens the muscles and supports the flow.

Lemon itself has great benefits, besides the Vitamin C it is known for its anti-bacterial qualities.

If you get tired of lemon, just step it up and take an orange, apple or kiwi slices. Similar effect but different tastes. Which is your own flavored water, without added sugar.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Water keeps you hydrated. Often the craving for something is not necessarily hunger, but thirst. Drinking lemon water, before a meal will lead to a faster feeling of saturation. In the meantime, enough fluid helps your body digest. Managing to replace your choice of drinks during the day, by water, will flush out toxins. Other side effects might be clearer skin, fresher mind and better mood.

Drinking lemon water for weight loss, is going back to most rooted natural resources that benefit the entire body. Since body liquid consists of 70% of water, its worth to nurture this simple resource. If too much lemon in the water gives you heartburn, try other slices of fruit that contain less fruit acid.

How to Make Lemon Water?

You need the following ingredients:

2/3 cup water
1/4 wedge of a lemon
1/2 tsp honey
The steps are really easy:

1. Boil water.
2. Squeeze in lemon wedge and a drop of honey.
3. Stir and drink.

Nutritional Info for Lemon Water (amount per serving):

– Calories: 15.4
– Total Fat: 0.1 g
– Sodium: 4.0 mg
– Total Carbs: 5.7 g
– Protein: 0.3 g