Nutrient-rich carbohydrates will boost your immune system and give you a healthy-filled feeling. Carbs are not all bad. Actually, some are great for your diet and weight loss. Find the good carbs rich in fiber, that get you saturated.

Carbs for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

The key is to figure out a balanced meal with good carbs, low in fat and with no added sugar. Fruits and veggies are mandatory, but in moderation. According to your diet, you should maintain a healthy intake and a regular portion size. If you are working out than those carbs even help you gain muscle.

5 Carbs That Should Be in Your Diet

  1. Whole grain is the golden rule. Because the brighter processed food becomes in color, the least nutrition it contains. So for all your bread, pasta, rice and flour, whole grain is the raw natural product containing all the nutrition.
  2. Barley, high in fiber and magnesium – is a great replacement for your regular sides. Use it instead of fries or rice. Even for soups it’s a filling ingredient.
  3. Beans boost! In general bean lovers live healthier, reduce waistline and therefore obesity.
    Little tip before preparation: Rinse canned beans off with cold water, before using. This way you reduce the sodium rich brine.
  4. Oats – raw oats, enjoy them as a muesli with nuts and fruits, or heat up with hot water and serve with cinnamon and honey. Berries or dry fruits add in flavor and fiber.
  5. Quinoa – the revival of an ancient plant. Its unique amino acid and protein content makes it such a popular plant. Available as corn flakes or raw flakes, it can be used for mueslis or its whole grain serves as a great rice replacement.

A pleasant satiety, especially during weigh loss or a diet comes as a blessing. On top of that, eating fiber-rich foods steadies your blood sugar level which keeps you energized.