5 Tips for Running In The Cold

5 Tips for Running In The Cold

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All too often excuses prevent us from running. Here are some useful tips to overcome your doubts and actually enjoy running in the cold. With the temperature dropping, especially after sunset and winter knocking at the door, the sun all too often does not want to shine and it just started to rain when you want to run.

This is how you should look at running in winter:

1. Make it worthwhile: Your body needs more energy to warm up during cold temperatures, so get out there and sweat off some calories faster. Warm up slowly, stretch first – so you do not tear any muscles and remember to not stay outside for long after your run, as your body will cool out quickly too.

2. Clothing can be a tricky one for running during colder days. Not too thin, not too thick. Your body temperature is challenged, while exercising during cool weather, rain and wind. Runners prefer a windbreaker or light rain jacket to wrap around their waist, if needed. For the hard times, prepare to use gloves or a hat during running in winter, since you lose 40% body heat over your head.

3. Visibility is changing with the season, especially early mornings and late afternoons lower your visibility to others. The sun is not as intense, often it’s cloudy, rainy or even misty. Try to wear reflectors as part of your clothing, or reflective gear as arm stripe, running shoes or backpack so you are seen.

4. If you are up to exercise longer than 45 minutes, make sure you bring some water as your body will need it quicker working along natural obstacles. Breathing in cold air makes your body lose more liquid.

5. Run anyway – it’s proven that you have definitely strengthened and not only your immune system.

Keep in mind, that running in the cold also means, staying more safe. Run during daylight and if you can´t do so, join running groups as Catch Me If You Can. Running in a group is always more safe, than running by yourself during colder weather.