How to Keep Running in Winter

How to Keep Running in Winter

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Accept the challenge of running in winter and do not give in when your mind is trying to talk you out of it. The change of temperature is a great way to improve your strength and taking it easy at the same time. A lot of runners actually enjoying the cooler days more, as you do not have to hurry before summer heat strikes the day. Yet you should consider some facts before tackling the cold days.

Prepare well for Running in Winter

Your muscles will need longer to adjust to the cold. So stretch and warm up slowly before you start running during cold weather. For your comfort you are allowed to do so while you are still inside, but take the approx. 15 minutes.

Since your muscles need longer, you might also not feel up to speed. Do not worry, just let it be. Just because you are slower during the colder hours, does not mean your body is not equally challenged. On the opposite, it is even advisable to take it slow and do not plan any sprints, as you are answering to your body’s requirements and do not want to over-do it.

Adjust Your Routes and Be Safe

Running in winter also means less daylight. If you are not too comfortable with running with less daylight, you could change your routes. Check well lit roads in your neighborhood instead of jogging in the quiter areas. Or just join Catch Me If You Can and find a running group in your area. And since you are not chasing your next best time, just meet new people, at a beginner friendly entry level and stay safe in a group. .

Have an easy, relaxed and super-efficient run and enjoy the hot shower afterwards.