How Your Period Affects Running

How Your Period Affects Running

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This one week a month can supply you with many reasons to not run, right? Wrong! Here are some unbeatable facts, why running even during your period can actually help you beat some of its downsides.

Exercise increases overall well being

A lot of ladies feel like crawling on the couch during their period, while running can uplift your entire mood. Especially when you feel crampy and on a low energy level, you should exercise. Running enhances your blood flow and keeps it pumping, therefore you are less likely to have cramps and can even lower the intensity. And a high blood pressure also diminishes fatigue.

Lacing up and taking a run, even if it is a relaxed one – no one is asking you to set your best record – will increase your endorphins and make you happier.

Feel better even with a short run

Fight the cramps and the potential grump with a run, even if it is a short one. And if your last excuse is not defeated, here is one more: The increased blood flow while running also supports your kidneys to filter toxins, you than rather pee out and thus prevent bloating. And you are a woman, so running during your period is just another challenge you can take with a smile and collecting some benefits along the way.