To detox is to benefit your overall well-being, physically and spiritually. To go about it stress free, you can plan the 7 days ahead to smoothly sail through your eating schedule. Find some good advice on foods to eat to create your meal plan.

7 Day Detox Plan – The Basics

In order to know, which foods are good for you, you should know about the No Go’s during detoxing.

For a lot of people, this means breaking habits. To see which foods should not be in your shopping cart, also find a Detox No Go List for Foods here. Preparation is the basic key of your detox, planning in advance and having recipes and a meal schedule in place, will make this journey a lot easier.

For all 7 Days of Detox, ground rule number one is:

  • Water and more water. See water as the carrier the flushes out the toxins. Boost the effect by adding lemon juice to your water. Water will also help you avoid any headache that might arise during detox. Start and end your day with water.
  • Balance your portions right. You are not undergoing a hardcore diet, yet you can and will lose weight. Detox has been already drastic as you free your body of all it does not need. Make sure your meal servings are balanced.
  • Timing: stick to a regime to get your body used to regular times. Irregular eating habits are also eliminated for your benefit.

Detox Breakfast:

  • Kick off with water, flavor it with lemon juice to get your digestion going.
  • Plain natural yoghurt is allowed, so you can mix that with fresh fruits, raw honey and nuts to create your own muesli.
  • Homemade muesli can contain: almonds, walnuts, sesame, pumpkin seeds, pecans, cashews.
  • Some of those nuts are even made into butter, which can be a great replacement for your spread on your whole grain bread.
  • Mix your favorite fruits to a smoothie, blended with honey or yoghurt.
  • Try more veggies in your smoothie and reduce fructose by adding carrots or cucumber.
  • Oats are allowed, if gluten-free, topping your oats up with hot water, rather than milk and adding flavor with honey and cinnamon.
  • Remember, dairy products are a No-Go, replace milk with almond or coconut milk and enjoy the new flavor.

Detox Lunch:

  • Soups in all colors and flavors. A thick blended soup or a clear veg stock, the variables are on you. To thicken soups, use barley or potatoes as a saturating ingredient.
  • Salads for lunch can be prepared easily and full of choices. Use mostly raw vegetables for the maximum benefit.
  • Fish and seafood are allowed, so some tuna, salmon or prawns with avocado are a great twist.
  • Beans in all forms are also filling and a wonder food, as its nutritional benefits are unbeatable.

Detox Dinner

  • Have dinner before 6pm! Try to eat your last meal before 6 pm. Your body is synchronizing its biological clock, so to smoothen your digestion stick to the time.
  • Since 9 servings of fresh vegetables are ideal, you can have more for dinner.
  • Steam or cook your veggies as raw veggies are too hard to digest later in the evening.
  • Hummus or brown rice (remember the whole grain factor) with steamed veggies or a light cauliflower and broccoli soup with barley can make a good wrap of the day.

If you feel like snacking, include: mangoes, grapes, pineapples and apples as they support your journey with fructose for instant energy and help flushing out toxins.

In general, you will have great side effects. From recognizing that you are a lot less hungry during the day and thus need less to eat, until feeling tired at night, and with a good night rest waking up early easily. Weight loss is guaranteed, if you do not cheat during your detox plan. Your body is finding its way back into a natural balance, and detox is the time to listen.

Your mind will be clearer, your mood lifted and your overall well-being visible.