Plan your detox a bit in advance and truly enjoy its benefits without stressing. As you are undergoing a cleansing of your body, your mind will also be occupied. So consider these helpful tips to plan your detox.

How to Plan Your Detox?

Firstly: before, whilst and after your detox remember the ground rules of detoxing. Detox means to rid yourself of toxins that build up in your body through various reasons. One major factor is the food and beverages you consume on a daily basis.

Detox No Go List of Foods:

  • Sugar/ Artificial Sweetener
  • Milk products (except for ½ cup unsweetened yoghurt a day)
  • Meat
  • Coffee
  • Dried fruits (too high in fructose for detox)
  • Fried food
  • Alcohol
  • Grains (anything made out of wheat, oats, rye, rice etc.)
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs (legal and illegal)

Fruits and veggies are the main ingredient during detox. But be careful with dried fruit and too many fruit smoothies, as high fructose intake shall also be avoided. If you struggle to live without your sweet tooth – here are some great sugar replacements for your detox: [insert link article Detox – sugar alternatives for your diet]

A Detox Plan can Help You Schedule your Meals in Advance

Detox is a cleansing process, so the last thing you should do, is stress about it:

  • Do your food shopping in advance.
  • Stick to a daily meal plan to avoid short term panic when hungry.
  • Enjoy planning and trying new recipes, flavor up by adding spices of your choice.
  • Drink lots of water, flavor it with lemon juice to give your mornings a kick start.
  • Look out for your natural detox supporters: spinach, kale, garlic, onions, whole grains and nuts to keep your energy level up.

Fresh foods will rejuvenate your body and mind. Besides the major part of eating right, your body will claim back its natural needs. You will feel tired earlier, but if detoxing right, you will have a great nights rest and be up fresh and awake in the morning. Lots of people feel the benefits after the first days, having a clearer mind and even better skin. So detoxing has a lot of visible and enjoyable, positive side effects.

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