How to finally Start Running?

How to finally Start Running?

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To start running for the first time, sometimes seems incredibly difficult for beginners. Checking up on running groups, routes and already runners can be intimidating, since you can follow their accomplishments, but do not see yourself as fit as them. Well the good news is, it just seems incredibly difficult, yet it is incredibly easy.

Even walking during runs is recommended

Start running is as easy as ABC, you just do not read about it as much. All runners start at a slow pace and are building up their strengths. Most ladies will not post their first 1,5 km as an accomplishment or brag that they did 2 km in 1 hour. Truth be told, even walking during runs is recommended for beginners.

So let go of your perception and contemplating with yourself. A runner is not born, but made. Make yourself a runner on your own terms. Especially at a beginner level, you will be surprised how quickly you build up confidence and broaden your accomplishments.

It is not all about competition

Those who have joined a sport prior to start running, know that it is not all about competition.

Running with ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is sharing motivation, socializing with like-minded woman and be inspired by each other. Every lady has a story to tell, on how the tackled their first 2, 3 and final 5 km.

Just find a nice route you are comfortable to run and walk along and only go as far as you feel like.
To stop that inner conversation about doing it or not, is the first step to start your beginner level as a runner. Get up and try, even jogging your nearby park for 2 rounds already qualifies you as a beginner.

Once you put yourself out there, you will see many ladies embrace their beginner level and grow their strengths together. It is a journey to discover your own strengths and where your joy with running lays. Only keep being stuck on the couch is really no accomplishment.

Show up for your first race

An amazing feeling for most runners is to sign up for races. If you are a beginner, you should find a Fun Run that will help you chart your progress. Join beginner-friendly CMIYC Theme Runs or other races around Cape Town, you can find on our CMIYC Event Page. This is the perfect way to stay excited about running and having a good time with other people.