Interview with Sabrina, Founder of CMIYC

Interview with Sabrina, Founder of CMIYC

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She has created a initiative for women in Cape Town to start running together, following their motto #WeRunCPT .

1. Who are you?

I am Sabrina, originating from Berlin, Germany. Cape Town has become my new home for almost 6 years. Working as a Content Manager for several international clients, I decided to focus on projects in South Africa. Amongst many ideas, my success story is ‘Catch Me If You Can’ an all-women running initiative in Cape Town.

2. What made you stay in Cape Town?

Initially I wanted to travel as a young woman and take a time out. I started as an Au-Pair and quickly realized I want to stay. Working as a freelancer, I could put this dream into reality. So I started my own family, my own business and called this beautiful city my new home.

3. What initiated the idea of ‚Catch Me If You Can’

I wanted to give women a platform to connect every aspect of life and be supportive of each other. Since sport has always united people and running is something everyone can do – I saw running as the perfect solution. The stunning landscape of Cape Town is the perfect teaser to reach goals together, connect with people, create friendships while running and ultimately enjoy the most beautiful city in the world ranking.


4. Which goals would you like to achieve with the initiative?

‚Catch Me If You Can‘ offers women in and around Cape Town a new opportunity to connect with other like-minded women. They support each other in getting started as a beginner and train towards various goals, like weight-loss, trail runs and marathons. A regular schedule allows them to join a run and being in a safe environment, running with a group. We use Facebook to communicate among members and leaders to schedule weekly running sessions all over Cape Town.

My leaders are the backbone of CMIYC. These beautiful women are not only accomplished runners – they are mothers and working professionals. They are living proof, that everybody can fit running in their own schedule. With 15 CMIYC Leaders and growing, we are covering almost every suburb in Cape Town.

Very special is our ‚Catch Me If You Can‘  Member Shirt which all ladies can purchase in our Online Shop. With this awesome shirt, they become an official CMIYC Member.  The recent success has shown that we are closer to our ultimate goal, to Run this City. Another big goal for 2016 is bringing Catch Me If You Can to Joburg and George. We are launching these groups in the beginning of 2016 – very excited to extend and give more women in South Africa the opportunity to join us.

5. How many women are already joining?

CMIYC has been growing fast since its first hour. We are motivating many women to run. The total of all our different CMIYC Groups is counting more than 3 000 members. As a young initiative, just founded in April 2014, we are very successful. Daily new women join us on our social media channels and find the nearest group in their area.

6. Are you also active in sports?

As I moved to the beautiful South Peninsula, I finally started running. Enjoying the amazing scenery and being outdoors, makes me happy and gives me my personal time-out. I am running my own company aside from CMIYC. That, combined with my life as a mother, is like a marathon. 🙂 So I appreciate it very much, that I can just squeeze a run between my daily schedules and feel great afterwards. I entered the Two Oceans Half Marathon and I am very excited to reach this goal together with my CMIYC ladies.

7. Do you plan to stay in South Africa for good?

I will definitely stay the upcoming years and have no plans to go back to Germany. Even though I miss my family a lot, we have a good compromise in visiting each other, and I get a goody parcel send here every now and again. Enough to not miss much more.


8. What has been your most extra-ordinary experience in Cape Town?

There are quite a few experience I have made here for the first time. But my most memorable and most beautiful experience was the birth of my daughter.

9. In your opinion, what can South Africans and Germans learn from each other?

Capetonians are very open and friendly people. That’s definitely a learning point for Germans. On the other side, I am missing more unity amongst South Africans. That’s one of the reasons I created CMIYC, because women are strong, but stronger together.

10. Wrap Up: If you find time to run, where do you love to go?

Cape Town is just so beautiful, there are 1 000 of places. I know quite a lot of lovely routes, as my leaders have different theme runs all over Cape Town to show off their favorite routes to ladies from other suburbs. We had great runs on Chappies Peak, Tokai Forest, Sea Point Promenade or the West Coast. And each of them was so stunning. For me personally, I love to just step out my house and run. Living between the mountains and the sea, I don´t have to ask for more. 🙂

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